It’s been 30 years since the passing of KURT COBAIN.

Times have changed… but “COBAIN’S SCREAM” is more relevant than ever.

A scream that tells the anxieties of a nearly detached generation

harsh and sarcastic yet alive and poignant…

laden with existential melancholy and at the same time engulfed by a “void of meaning”, by increasingly inverted values and by distorted models, offspring of a society often a “bad teacher” that confuses and deceives.

Moved by the urgency and the feeling of giving voice to today’s adolescents, we wanted to scream too…

alongside them… and for them…

With respect and humility, we felt the need to reinterpret

the NIRVANA song titled SCHOOL

a “means” to give voice to all those intense, extreme, and contradictory emotions of which we are often hostage, like insecurity and arrogance, fragility and anger, rebellion and fear, egocentrism

and the need for love that unites us all.

We are honored and moved by the inspiration that has “enveloped” us

in being able to tell, through our rough and evocative vision, the essence of this song in today’s world,

35 years after its first release.

Dedicated to the world of the young

a world often misunderstood and tumultuous…

SCHOOL… for those adolescents who would like to scream,

but who most of the time

do not have the strength or are convinced that their scream

would fall into unheard silence…

where “silence” and “misunderstanding”

create a “distance” that seems insurmountable…

SCHOOL… a “silent scream” and sometimes desperate made of

disenchanted, provocative, aggressive, and… self-harming behaviors…

the only language known to those who do not know how to ask for help.

SCHOOL… a journey into the depths of the soul of adolescents

in search of themselves and their identity

An identity in “becoming” made of needs… discomforts… dreams… dangers… deceptions…

illusions… anxieties… and aspirations…

Times have changed… but COBAIN’S SCREAM is more relevant than ever…

and SCHOOL has become Our “Silent Scream”… liberating…

…a spark in the darkness



School – Instrumental version