karma connection alternative

The Other Face of Karma Connection…

In the Hebrew language, the word “face” is only in plural form because the face is the expression of all human emotions.

These different natures are “inner faces” that, when united, harmoniously compose the complex mosaic of the human soul, always unique and unrepeatable.

I Karma Connection, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s passing, reveal another facet of their essence:

Karma Connection Alternative, an expression of the most visceral, instinctive, and profound part… their “silent scream”…

Through alternative and essential sounds,

Karma Connection Alternative “emerges from the shadows”...

This journey began with the need and urgency

to reinterpret the NIRVANA song titled “SCHOOL”,

expressing themselves in deliberately different language and sentiment from “E Mi Mancherai,” a love story proposed as their debut single.

SCHOOL is the first track from an album

currently in the works through which Karma Connection Alternative

experiment with and narrate a plot of human experiences

through a raw and evocative lens…


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