Karma Connection Alternative



In Hebrew the word for face (i.e. paneem) is always written in the plural form

because the face is the expression of all the emotions of a human being.

These different natures are internal faces that, when combined, harmoniously

compose the complex Mosaic of the always unique human conscience (soul).


The Karma Connection, on the 20th anniversary

of the death of Kurt Cobain, reveals another side of their essence:

Karma Connection Alternative, an expression of the most emotional,

instinctive and deepest side… their “silent shout”…


Through alternative and essential sound,

Karma Connection Alternative “emerges from the shadows”…

This trip began with the need and urgency

to reinterpret the Nirvana song “School” in a language and feel

distinctly different from the debut single, “E Mi Mancherai”.


“School” is the first song based on an album in the making with

which Karma Connection Alternative tells a story of the human experience

in a raw and evocative vision…



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