I’ll miss you

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“E Mi Mancherai”

(And I’ll Miss You)



“E Mi Mancherai” (And I’ll Miss You) is the debut song of KC, a new music project that loves to define itself a “symphony of relationships” which bring the “value of becoming” when you create together.


“E Mi Mancherai” is a love story. Love is the most powerful medicine and separating from those you love is one of the most painful experiences for an individual, even if the separation is only for a day or just an hour. Each time we separate is like living an abandonment and the antidote is to fill oneself up with memories to see again or live them again when we’re feeling alone and when we feel an emptiness inside…


“E Mi Mancherai” is the need and the urgency to describe an “absence” which enlarges the heart instead of squeezing it in a purely painful mood…

And here is how from the depths of the soul a creative gesture is born:

Hope…a light that sparkles in the soul, tiny and powerful…that extends unexpectedly, the horizon of our gaze.

We aren’t completely prisoners to our emotions because hope is the possibility that takes shape in our hands and becomes reality with the power of determination…a prayer…a promise.


“E Mi Mancherai” is the will to try and re-start, to get over the pain of separation, strengthened by our ability to love,

the only thing which really remains of us because great love is forever…and it’s this certainty that

“I’ll find you…in every dream…I’ll come looking for you”


The Story Continues …